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And, after a mostly single Season 1, who is Olivia Pierson dating now?The WAGS star began dating Marcedes Lewis, of the Jacksonville Jaguars.I can't blame Olivia for being a little nervous about making a good impression with Marcedes' family.The next question is, are Marcedes and Olivia still together now?“Larry tells me I just need to work on letting him handle it because I’m always vicious and these girls really do test you.” Williams is four years into her relationship with English, but the two still have to deal with “Jersey Chasers,” and Williams admitted she’s “not so nice” when it comes to her boyfriend’s admirers.Fortunately, Williams said, she hasn’t had any major run-ins with gridiron groupies … “I’m not really a go-getter when it comes to fighting – if I have to, I will, but I don’t think there’s been any earrings being ripped off,” she told PEOPLE. is spinning off original series WAGS into an all new series, WAGS Miami, and its stars have personalities just as big as the ladies on the original series.

” There are two new WAGS this season including Sophia Pierson, the little sister of Olivia Pierson, and cousin of Natalie Halcro. “I’ve always wanted to be on camera, and I love entertaining people,” Sophia recently told Christy Reports.Strangely, the two have never posted a picture together on their Instagram or talked about their relationship outside of WAGS.This couple has always wanted to keep their business somewhat private, so the fact that they've still been keeping a low profile in the last few months could mean they're broken up, or, it could just mean that everything is fine between them.She doesn't want to say his name, but she did add that the new guy is based in Miami and is an athlete.

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Metisha opened up about her prior relationship history on WAGS Season 2, where she tearfully confessed that she was once in a relationship with Nicole Williams' boyfriend, Larry English.On a show called WAGS, which is an acronym for "Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars," you can understand why the cast's significant others are a big topic of conversation.Every member of the cast is either married to or habitually dating a professional athlete, and there's a very strict hierarchy the cast is expected to observe between the longtime wives and the ladies who are in more casual relationships (even if they frequently clash over who should be on top).“I do let [Larry] go out,” Williams says in an interview as she’s shown examining his texts.