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Were it not for timely emergency works by the local people, the damage incurred would have been far greater than it was.In the Central Provinces, there is regular annual flooding.Click here to Get Permission If you are a creator or publisher, DALRO is here to assist you in managing your asset (the copyright in your work) and ensuring it is available for licensing while you do what you do best… Theatre, literature, visual arts or film – we can protect your work Click here to Get Royalties Want to find out more? "Aujourd’hui, on peut être un homme ou une femme de mille façon", Sony Chan, humoriste et transgenre nous parle de transidentité et nous rappelle que le genre n’est jamais cloisonné.

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In this century alone, the Red and Thai Binh river systems have had 26 major floods, the biggest being the great flood of 1971 Before that, a flood in 1945 had been considered to be the historic maximum.

To give an appreciation of the magnitude of this flood, it might be noted that the level of the 1971 flood was 5-10m higher than the level of the fields inside the dykes.

Every year, hundreds of people die, and the damage to property runs into hundreds of millions of dollars.

This uneven distribution of rainfall is the main cause of floods in the rivers.

Provinces over a cultivated area of 312,000 ha and affecting about 4 million people.