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People in China have long shared a preference for “overheard on the street” and leaked reports.

This tension pushes readers to self-media, where KOLs cultivate an air of “insider information.” Many often put “read this before it gets censored” in the headline.

There’s also economic disincentive to disobey the censors.

Tencent holds all tipping revenue for seven days before transferring to the writer’s account.

This gave rise to the first generation of self-media, which saw individuals begin to publish blogs, podcasts, and Weibo posts (China’s Twitter-like micro-blog).

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Operating within the narrow bounds of censorship, publications like With the digital revolution, news outlets switched from publishing in print to online.KOLs can write advertorial content for brands or sell products directly by embedding a click-to-buy button in their articles.The latter works especially well with middle-aged, professional men. They want to click a button and have things delivered right to their doorsteps the next day—the buying process is absolutely frictionless,” Yang said after working with a brand of wine.In reality, We Chat’s censorship mechanism has improved considerably from simple keyword screenings to a combination of sophisticated tools such as big data and artificial intelligence.

Mu, who has had 18 accounts censored, marveled at how effective it is.“If you type the word ‘Tian’anmen,’ We Chat can tell if you intend to praise its beauty or talk about the ‘incident’ in 1989,” he said.He also suspected that the algorithm takes into account who is posting, since essays his account couldn’t publish would get published by other accounts with no prior offenses or that were deemed politically reliable.Others worry that this will create another socioeconomic divide, leaving those disadvantaged less informed.