Walkthrough for ariane dating game

01-May-2017 08:04

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You can run around in the castle with both girls naked.

If Latricia had drunk in the cellar, she will accept to slide off her dress too.

In the castle, go with the two girls in the wine cellar, and make Latricia drink.

Back in her bedroom, ask her a kiss when she lays on her bed (need flattered=4), then strip naked (need impressed=4). As Latricia is not properly dressed, give her the dress that you previously bought at the town shop.

- Have her change into something suitable for going out. I ran into a few bugs where things I had done on prior playthroughs it wasn`t letting me do on my new one because she said we`d done it before but I wasn`t getting the credit for it and did not get any good endings because of this. i`ve been playing a few of these games and have a few questions. Great graphics as always nice that there are multiple endings to keep coming back for.