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24-Jul-2017 17:59

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They are meant to give a feeling for how to use the library and should not be considered production ready code.The native HTML form validate has been disabled in a demo purpose so that you may see how works in action.

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If the message is not a function and not a string it is simply returned as is.One core value of this library is that nothing should be private or inaccessable.If you want to modify which values are considered empty for example you can simply overwrite You can find some basic examples included in the project.The validation constraints can be declared in JSON and shared between clients and the server. One thing that is a bit unorthodox is that most validators will consider undefined values (,) valid values.

So for example adding a constraint of at least 6 characters will be like saying If the attribute is given it must be at least 6 characters.The project can be found on Git Hub where you can also find our issue tracker.There is also a Travis project used for testing, a Coveralls project used to code coverage as well as the annotated source.The implementation is fairly basic and doesn't do anything clever with the messages.