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On your first start, Virtual Box may prompt you to accept the license agreement. Virtual Box offers a “Guest Additions”; a package of device drivers and system applications which typically improves performance, especially of graphics.Oracle Virtual Box Guest Addition Enable remote display in Virtual Box That’s All.Some other options include: Since your comment response to Dan Mc G seems to indicate that you're running Ubuntu as a Virtual Box guest, if you've installed the Virtual Box guest additions, then they will automatically sync the guest's time with the host's.You could also look at 'libfaketime', which is packaged in Ubuntu/Debian.This tutorial focused on installing Virtual Box using precompiled binaries (.deb).Starting from the version 2.0, Virtual Box supports 32 and 64bit host and guest operating systems (To run 64bit guests, make sure your processor supports hardware virtualization and, the host operating system must be 64bit as well). To add a Virtual Box repository, edit /etc/apt/file. The following screenshot shows Fedora 24 running on Virtual Box.Snapcraft also handles publishing your snaps to the world.Read how to create a snap and join the snap crafting community — we have a fun crowd of people who hang out on Rocket Chat and on the snapcraft forum.

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Note that guest additions are installed on guest OS (hence “Guest” additions).

You may now right-click in the empty space within the file explorer and choose “Open Terminal Here”.