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--deep (when you rebuild you should use that too) -N (when you rebuild you should use that too) Also no consideration, to cleanup your packages.When you rebuild everything you better start of with system and than check the world what you may want to ditch, what you want to optimize.I had gcc 6.x.x in use for a short period of time, more hassle as it was worth it!I used gcc-config to switch to gcc 7.2.0 Now I am emerging gcc:7.2.0 again with gcc 7.2.0 with an outdated glibc which was build wtih gcc 5.4.0 to get a gcc 7.2.0 with pie flag enabled This suggestion is flawed as It suggests to use gcc 6.4.0 which may be as stable as gcc 7.2.0 branch./etc/profile * Re-emerge libtool emerge -1 sys-devel/libtool Then, * Select the new profile with eselect * Re-emerge, in this sequence, gcc, binutils, and glibc emerge -1 sys-devel/gcc:6.4.0 emerge -1 sys-devel/binutils emerge -1 sys-libs/glibc * Rebuild your entire system emerge -e @world Switching the profile from 13.0 to 17.0 modifies the settings of GCC 6 to generate PIE executables by default; thus, you need to do the rebuilds even if you have already used GCC 6 beforehand.If you do not follow these steps you may get spurious build failures when the linker tries unsuccessfully to combine non-PIE and PIE code.Reference for the not gentoo guys: The command above tells the package manager to rebuild every installed package on your box.

-- I prefer gentoo guys would focus their minds on sloted lua, which is more important as some new gcc enforced flag.2) Where supported, GCC will now build position-independent executables (PIE) by default. The switch from non-PIE to PIE binaries, however, requires some steps by users, as detailed below.3) Up to now, hardened profiles were separate from the default profile tree.As you rebuild everything you have a chance to get rid of packages, add functionality or packages.

-- Suggestion Do as the guide says but instead of rebuilding world first rebuild system subset first.

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.