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19-Aug-2017 09:55

But this time, instead of the range's name, you enter the following formula in the drop-down menu or on the selections in the first two dropdowns.

You can make the drop-down list of this type in the same fashion as we've just made a second dependent drop-down menu.

All you need is a few named ranges and the INDIRECT formula.

This method works with all versions of Excel 2016, 2013, 2010 and earlier.

Your user has made the selections in all of the drop-down lists, then they changed their mind, went back to the first list, and chose another item. To prevent this from happening, you may want to block any changes in the first drop-down list as soon as a selection is made in the second list.

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Now that you named the range for the categories, you need to name the range for each of the options as shown below: To create the first dropdown list, you need to click on any blank cell and then click on the Data ribbon and click on Data Validation.The indirect function will basically take the choice you made in the first dropdown and use it for the second one. You can continue going deeper if you like, just use the second dropdown as the Source of the third dropdown and so on. Note that if you get a message like “The source currently has an error, do you want to continue”, it means that you have not yet chosen a value for the first dropdown (the NULL value cannot be selected). First off, type the entries you want to appear in the drop-down lists, each list in a separate column.

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For example, I'm creating a cascading dropdown of fruit exporters and column A of my source sheet () includes the items of the first dropdown and 3 other columns list the items for the dependent dropdowns.If we were to select Toyota, the second dropdown would show Prius, Camry, and Solara.In order to do this, setup the data in a table like shown above.The main advantage of a dynamic Excel dependent drop-down list is that you are free to edit the source lists and your drop-down boxes will get updated on the fly.