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Step2: Implement enhancement to read the values passed for custom fields and assign them to LFA1 structure which is already being populated by the standard code.The screenshot below shows implementation of explicit enhancement section EHP603_EXTERN_TO_ECC_UPDATE_02 of enhancement spot ES_VMD_EI_API_MAP_STRUCTURE.Given this shortcoming of BDC I will only cover ( and recommend ) the second option for vendor master update ( vendor API class).

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Step3: The next step involves calling the MAINTAIN method of VMD_EI_API class to update vendor master.In my scenario I am reading vendor master details from an XML file, transforming it and updating Vendor master, however The code snippet only shows the call to update vendor master, rest is beyond scope of this article.Step3: If the vendor master update is successful in the previous method, the next step is creation of change documents for the custom fields, which will eventually create the change pointers ( for IDOC creation).Hi Gurus, In my requirement i want to set the data base field VSTAT as 1 in NAST table when the order is processed. You would help yourself if you write the problem yiu are facing more clearly.

I'm using UPDATE statement to update the database field but it does not work. In this section I will demonstrate the procedure to update the custom fields of vendor master and generate change pointers for these fields ( to eventually generate IDOCS for changes to field values).Unfortunately since there is no standard BAPI to update the vendor master record, the only other options available to update custom fields of vendor master are to either 1) Perform a BDC on XK02 transaction to update custom fields on subscreen with these fields.*Output to a list write: /001 ‘In WRITE_1 counter value:’, wa_zbr_table-zcounter.