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20-Apr-2017 07:34

The Report is also dedicated to the countless shop stewards, the COSATU's two million members, and leaders at all levels.

These comrades are the bedrock and lifeblood of the Federation; and continue to work tirelessly, often without reward, to continue the struggles of the workers.

COSATU is a movement of ordinary working men and women that have joined together to fight for a better life for the workers in the thousands of workplaces across the country.

COSATU members also understand that workplace struggles are integrally linked to community and the broader struggle for social transformation.

It is also how, for many years, COSATU has reproduced leadership.

Further, we acknowledge the many members and leaders that have laid down their lives in service of the movement and the cause it is fighting for.

Without, their contribution, COSATU will not be a force to be reckoned with.

The dominant theme of this report is to provide an answer to this question.

The Federation survived that test and emerged united behind a common programme and leadership, to the utter horror of the skeptics and dooms-day philosophers.

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