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) life you may want to take it in to the tightest setting."Srsly.If you're quite petite on top (take note if you're usually a size 8 or below in tight tops), chances are you might be a 30 or 28 band, which you won't find stocked in most underwear shops."Rigid lace and embroidered bras can fit firmer, but some bra styles also feature stretch lace fabrics," so lace isn't "With padding, make sure you're scooping your boobs into place on top of the padding.You don't want the bra just sitting on top like a pillow," says Boux Avenue buyer Lisa Annand."If the straps are digging in then they will need to be loosened," says Lisa.

Try a half cup or balconette design instead."Silicone strips around the band help to provide extra grip, so your bra sticks to the skin slightly and it won't be as likely to slip," says Suzanne.

Whereas, padded plunge bras often have padding at the side and so you will need to scoop your boobs in towards the centre of your chest and sit them in place.

This will create a nice central cleavage."Sarah says: "Check the fit closely - is it sitting smoothly and snugly around the body and no overspill on the cup? ) Buying a padded bra can mean going up a cup size - never think your size is concrete." From our humble experience, if you're getting that annoying gap between the top of your cup and boob, it could mean a few things.

"Silicone is the best," agrees Sarah, "but it can be uncomfortable.

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If you can get away with just elastic (on smaller cups) I'd recommend this." "It pushes the breast to the centre of the chest for great shape, and can help maintain the longevity and structure of the bra, too," says Sarah.

Try a couple of different bras on if this happens as each garment could alter very slightly.""Always look out for bras with fully adjustable straps," says Suzanne.