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However, the truth is that apart from the astrological convergence, there is little indication that the Mayans prophesied anything specific regarding the events of this distant future.

The Mayans were not prophets; they were not even able to predict their own cultural extinction.

The Mayans then developed their own calendar (The Long Count) ca. The result was that the Mayans discovered the effect of the earth’s wobbling as it spins on its axis.

D and is found on the geographical location of southern Mexico and also extends to the lands of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras.

Mayans are known for being highly skilled astronomers with tremendous understanding of mathematics and was successful to have made meticulous accounts or records of the night sky, movement of the planet Venus or Venus cycle, eclipse and phases of the moon. The 365-day or the Haab' or Solar year (Civil Calendar) which was broken down into an 18 month plus five days cycle.

In the year 1987, he became known for his book “The Mayan Factor” that tries to explain the significance or importance of “natural time” versus “artificial time”.

Since then, he was able to generate support for a new global movement known as the World 13-Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.That is why, they believed that Mayans has great capacity to predict astronomical cycles with accuracy. The 5,128 years of the Long Count Calendar (World Time calendar). The 260-day Ritual year, The Tzolkin (zol-KEEN) or Sacred Round ( Religious Calendar). The one similar to the Gregorian calendar or western calendar.See: experts when it comes to calendar systems and ancient Calendar systems can fully explain the details as it was really complicated to understand.It used to be that our friends and associates could set up 'blind' dates and arrange meetings at various parties, etc. Have you ever felt so alone and abandoned by a guy you thought you loved, the father of your child, a guy that promised you the world and ledt you feeling alone and hurt with a child to raise on your own well this is the poem for you! When it's easy, I'll do anything to turn back the hands of time and correct everything. When it's easy, I'll do anything to turn back the hands of time and correct everything.