Rules on dating a musician

14-Jun-2017 14:38

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(also dont get so drunk that you embarrass your boyfriend or his bandmates) 23.

A few years ago, I had to swear off dating musicians. unless he’s being financially supported by Mommy and Daddy. Twenty-something and thirty-something men who don’t pay their own bills have a warped view of reality. To this day I can still remember an ex-boyfriend’s most ardent groupie: she once showed up at his apartment unannounced while I was over because she was “just in the neighborhood.” He thought she was ridiculous, but he had to be polite to her because she was such a major fan.

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You’re lucky he is using the quarter to call you, instead of buying gas or food. Never say anything negative about your man’s band that you cannot say to him.

Don’t follow him around at shows like a lost puppy, he is taking care of business, find your own crowd. Going from preppy to Nu to hardcore shows you are not your own individual. If he calls while out on the road, don’t complain about when he is coming home. If you’re a stripper, keep work on the pole, not at shows. Relationship problems can be dealt with after the show. If they have a show out of town, don’t drive just so you and your boy can have “alone time”.

I’d been dating them since high school, both casual guitar-noodlers and career musicians who had songs on CW shows and their faces on T-shirts. If you’re comfortable with long absences, then this is great. Expect to pay for more than your share/everything, but don’t get trapped into supporting him financially at the expense of your own career. While there are plenty of musicians who have day jobs, there are than a few trust fund brats. Think Mel on “Flight Of The Conchords”: mostly harmless, just annoying. A song is not a present (at least in my book), unless your name is Elton John and the song is “Your Song.” But if you date a musician, especially an impoverished musician, he’s going to write you a song in lieu of a more appropriate gift. Blame it on going onstage every night at 11, but a lot of successful musicians are creatures of the night.

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On the contrary, my loss is your gain — the more for you! Whether it’s an all-out Axl Rose and Slash situation or more of a slow-simmering Keith Richards and Mick Jagger resentment, band bros have more drama than the “Real Housewives” cast.

However, it does affect our priorities, goals and dreams in life. When I was a teenager, I use to fantasize about dating a musician. Now imagine what happens when you choose to marry one! If you are in India and dating a musician, your parents might have already created enough drama to make sure you have fixed a wedding date.… Let's be clear; I'm not dating a musician, I am the musician.

It’s like anything; some are really good, and some aren’t. I love music and used to go to shows a lot, and musicians seemed like the. Although I can't say that my significant other is a musician, I am still fully aware of all the difficulties of dating a musician.

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But a lot of the songs come from a place that lacks that.'Something I always wanted was a way to portray confidence in my music—trying to make myself feel better in certain situations.

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