Ps3 froze while updating gta v

18-Sep-2017 18:16

Don't forget to set the clock back when you're finished. The high svchost memory usage is typical of Windows 8.1 and older.

This is the ONLY solution that worked for me as I couldn't get a command prompt through the F8 method. And the tell tale sign is the intermittent spike then drop every so often, usually shortly after booting or coming out of standby.

Otherwise, I would pull one or two of the drives for safekeeping and rebuild those machines without a recovery ...

because I really think that deep freeze is the one that cause the hdd failure.

First and foremost, you cannot uninstall Deep Freeze until you thaw the machine. Boot from the Windows 7 System Repair Disc and choose the repair option in the lower left hand corner, choose System Restore, and ...

Otherwise the changes you made to perform the uninstall are lost along with everything else when you reboot. After installing updates from Windows Update, you may get into a Reboot loop where you machines gets to “configuring updates 3 of 3. Your only real option to disable Windows Updates is through Group Policy but that's a huge IF, as you need the Professional Edition. Also, there's a lot of security updates being sent out, so you're missing out on those.

Explanation can be found on my other Unix / Linux SE question: Turned my comment into answer......

"Initiate System Shutdown failed." is an API call to shutdown computer. Like Xavier mentioned, could be a virus and it got on your image. Use an external medium to boot as that is the only way. As per Wikipedia : Deep Freeze cannot protect the operating system and hard drive upon which it is installed if the computer is booted from another medium (such as an external hard drive, a USB device, optical media, or network server).

ps3 froze while updating gta v-3

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dd if=/dev/sda1 of=dd if=of=/dev/sda1 CAUTION: The dd command should only be run against unmounted partitions. I've been using Deep Freeze for a while, and I never uninstalled it with the registry.

Did you check the event logs to see what app is calling it? Why is Net Loan/Facebook locking up the browsers/computers? I haven't tried this but here is some documentation I found.

Close WMP12 Browse to %System Drive%\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\DRM and rename the folder to DRMbackup Open Internet Explorer as administrator (right click - There is some information here but I kinda doubt that will help unless you are using the trial version.

When the machine reboots enter the bios and set the date to at least sixty days in the future.

This will disable deepfreeze and allow you to resolve the loop problem.

Software can't create a mechanical failure in the hard disk.

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