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The first is slowly butter-bronzed bits mellowed by brown sugar.

"Casserole" is puree blended with cream-soaked crumbs, eggs, and nutmeg, butter-topped and baked golden.

Parsnip's flavor is no stronger than the vegetables it suggests: celeriac, parsley root, carrot, and sweetly earthy beets.

If traditional recipes like "rutabaga cubes" and "rutabaga casserole" sound stodgy, look closer.

Stir gently with rubber spatula until cream is no longer absorbed; drain. Main Courses by Victoria Wise and Susanna Hoffman, Harper and Row, NY, 1988): Sauté thinly sliced half-rounds of parsnip with minced garlic until soft and golden. Add rutabaga balls or cubes, sugar, and orange zest; fry golden. The batter is baked in a tube pan, unmolded, and served warm with lemon butter sauce.

For custard pie, they press steamed parsnips and carrots through a mill, add half-and-half, eggs, maple syrup, and spices, and bake it in a pecan crust.

The watery orange slush of school dinner was unredeemed by drainage or butter" (, Penguin Books, NY, 1979).

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"I find both roots utterly alluring—and so do my customers," says Rick Moonen (executive chef/partner, Oceana, NYC).Without butter, or an equivalent fat of quality..can be a depressing vegetable" (, Penguin Books, London, 1983).Her opinion of rutabaga is even lower: "..a vehicle for butter, with haggis and whisky, it is exactly right. I conclude that otherwise...[it] is a vegetable to be avoided."When I was young, kitchen odors—even felicitous ones—were considered déclassé," he wrote in his delicious cookbook-cum-memoir (Workman, NY, 1984). How can deprivation be an association for the many chefs who are too young and/or privileged to have been exposed to war or poverty? If "rutabaga" sounds to you like a character from the Brothers Grimm, call the vegetable Swede, equally correct.

"If you were respectable (a word my mother summoned up with righteousness all her life), no one was ever supposed to know what was really cooking your pots! Or call it Swedish, Canadian, or Russian turnip (even though none is correct, since it is not a turnip and probably started out in Bohemia).Elizabeth Schneider / July 1996 Two humble roots prove a box-office success—despite pans from the press. "Bashed neeps and other abused roots" might serve as an alternate title for this piece.In truth, "bashed neeps" translates innocently to "mashed rutabagas" (in Scotland), but parsnip-sniping and rutabaga-bashing have long been practiced by food writers. resize=504,420&ssl=1 504w" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 702px) 100vw, 702px"Fights Cancer, Dietary Fiber, Growth and Development, Birth Defects and Metabolism, Heart Health, Immune System, Mental and Emotional Disorders, ure of Lead Toxicity, Increases Energy Production, Osteoporosis, Weight Loss Parsnip is a member of umbelliferae (Apiaceae) family, in the genus, Pastinaca and is actually a relative of the carrot, parsley, celeriac, cumin, dill and parsley root.