Most intimidating football grounds

16-Feb-2017 11:35

There are such facilities as a chapel, Presidential box, VIP lounge, veteran players area, FC Barcelona club museum, nursery, press rooms, several television studios, etc When it comes to passion and football, there is no better place than Latin America, where the beautiful game and fan frenzy reach a whole new level.With a capacity of 85,000 seats, the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro is one of those grounds that anyone with a sense of history and grandeur would love to walk out on.Its Green Team have been working to reduce their environmental impacts at the stadium since 2007.Estadio Santiago Bernabéu is the home to arguably the most popular football club on the planet and definitely Spain’s biggest football club in terms of fan following.One of the very best stadiums in Europe, Wembley is the home to the widely followed English national team and probably the place where they practice all those ‘missed’ penalty shots!Wembley Stadium won the international Sustainability Award at the Stadium Business Awards 2012.There’s probably no other ground, home for two such magnificent clubs at the same time — a real life museum showcasing some of the best glory of the European football. We reckon that Egypt could more famous for the pyramids and its diving places, rather than its dreamy football venues, but with a seating capacity of around 86,000 and designed to host all the Olympic activities that include track and field, the Borg El Aarb is a unique ground that offers a lot more than just a game of football.

It’ll become the second stadium in the world to host two World Cup finals, the first being the Estadio Azteca in Mexico.But simply being home to Man United and you can see it as the Theatre of Dreams — citing the words of legendary Bobby Charlto.The simple thought of setting foot on the pitch of Old Trafford, its stunning history (just like Westfalenstadion, it got his fair degree of bombing during WWII) and you already understand why people may queue for days or weeks, to watch their faves.Without further ado, here are some of the most amazing stadiums in football and a bit of history about them.

Home to one of the most popular clubs on the planet (or at least the team with probably the most exciting football these days), Camp Nou is not just a top-notch five star stadium, but also an intimidating arena for visiting sides.Ever thought what are the largest stadiums of the world, the most beautiful or the ones with the greatest football fans and the best possible atmosphere?Coming up with a list of iconic stadiums is no easy thing — without leaving some — but you can rest assured that all those making this list have had their special moments in world football history.Football fans in Mexico know the Azteca as the memorable football ground where the “Hand of God” manifested itself when Maradona actually hand balled it into goal. With a capacity of 66,000 seats Allianz Arena is the third biggest stadium in all of Germany.