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We decided to combine into one team because of the potential of two domain, gaming and crypto currency.

If we could find a solution in which could take the advantage of crypto currency to apply in the domain of gaming. The uniqueness of PCG token is that it could be used as a currency in many games in our gaming system.

You can usually find 'xauth' in a package with the same name.

Very Easy, Had this same problem then what i did was to download and install an app that would help in displaying then fixed the error. Install, then use settings on this link: follow this steps: Installing/Configuring Pu TTy and Xming Once Pu TTy and Xming have been downloaded to the PC, install according to their respective instructions.

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In addition, POCAGA also provides a platform and APIs for game developers, in such a way that traditional casinos can easily integrate their systems, reach millions of gamers and build a complete ecosystem according to their needs.Many members of the Pocaga management team have developed game more than 10 years.Another member has also more than 5 years of experiences in the domain of crypto currency.Note that setting the DISPLAY to :0.0 pre-supposes that you're sitting at the main display, as I said, or at least that the main display is logged on to your user id.

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