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02-Mar-2018 06:51

I have read the service manual and checked everything I can without hooking up gauges (I do not have any r404a to replace what I lose by hooking up gauges and I don't have stubby gauges).

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Shortly after start up, compressor outlet temp is hot (150F) and hot gas valve inlet is cooler. Water pump is running and water is flowing properly. Do I have to remove the (for lack of proper term) ice cube assembly.

These checks and observations were done in 90 degree ambient temperature with about 75% humidity. Is the ice cube assembly attached to the evaporator or will that come off and the evaporator stay in place?

A friend of mine was given a J320 Manitowoc ice machine.

I helped him get it up and running, and it was working fine.Response to these questions is not necessarily an indication of performance on the CCO examinations. Lifting from the main boom with the block, what is the net capacity over the side as configured? (Note: N/A means Not Applicable) Note: For line in use when wire rope deductions are required, the wire rope length shall be measured from the boom tip to the ground. The evaporator inlet temp is 60F and iced up The evaporator outlet temp is 56F and iced up (does that even make sense, that the outlet is cooler than the inlet) The water temp in the trough is 31F (how can that be if the evaporator is only 56-60?