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25-Feb-2017 16:32

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In response to the Sewol Ferry disaster on April 16, 2014, the South Korean government has strengthened maritime safety by amending the maritime laws related to the safety of passenger ships.

The disaster has had a profound impact on Korean society, causing the South Korean government to be more proactive in instituting additional measures to further prevent and/or reduce maritime accidents.

Reports of sexual assaults against foreigners continue to occur.

Reporting has shown that the majority of reported sexual assault cases involve alcohol, and, in many instances, the victim may have known the attacker.

Korean financial institutions have also been targeted by hackers, who have stolen Korean Identification Numbers (KID) and other PII with financial motives.

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For several years, it has been rated among the best airport worldwide by the Airports Council International.isitors who cannot speak/read Korean should ask their hotel for language cards with the names and contact information for their hotel, destinations, etc.For more information on self-driving, please review OSAC’s Report “In 2016, there were 3,906 recorded road fatalities, indicating a steady decrease since July 2013 after the government announced a comprehensive plan for reducing traffic accident casualties for the period 2013-17.does not assume responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms appearing in this report.

The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit cannot recommend a particular individual or establishment and assumes no responsibility for the quality of services a safe destination for most travelers.

Other crimes (burglary of occupied residences, murder) are relatively rare.

Nov 23, 2017. Parasitic worms up to 27 centimeters long and a chronic liver infection found in a North Korean defector are providing a window into health conditions inside. Defector shot by North Korean military across DMZ found to have parasitic worms; Experts say the soldier's health indicates poor living conditions in.… continue reading »

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President Rodrigo Duterte, who described the island as a “cessp. American professor at Pusan University flees after sexual harassment probe · An American professor at Pusan University fled the country after police started investigating sexual harassment allegations against him. The university admitted Thursday that the.… continue reading »

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Feb 15, 2017. Corresponding to combatting the four “social evils” campaign, South Korea made numerous amendments to outdated laws related to sex crimes. While illegal, it is common for drivers to watch live television on personal GPS devices via DMB Digital Multimedia Broadcasting technology, a contributing.… continue reading »

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