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Shares an apartment with receptionist Maria Amardo, to help save money.Maria Amardo (Shuko Akune) The ER's Filipino-American receptionist.An elderly former baseball player has pancreatic cancer and wants Howard to end his life by a shot.Meanwhile, Nurse Thor has trouble with her lazy husband, Bud, a female patient is not what she seems, a young girl with head pains is brought in by Fred, and Maria gets a hold of a smutty book.While essentially a comedy, E/R also contained dramatic elements stemming from its hospital setting. Howard Sheinfeld (Elliott Gould) Twice-divorced Otolaryngologist (his wives were named Phyllis and Sheila) and father of two (David and Jenny), who—in order to keep up his alimony payments to said ex-wives—worked long hours at Clark Street Hospital's emergency room.Despite his joking nature and his constant womanizing, he is a compassionate and well-respected doctor. Eve Sheridan (Marcia Strassman in the pilot; Mary Mc Donnell thereafter) The head doctor in the ER.Howard's new girlfriend meets his first wife, and the staff tries to help Nurse Thor deal with her discovery that she is seriously ill. Both of Howard's ex-wives drop in on a hectic night that sees Nurse Thor worried about her health.Howard's new girlfriend meets his first wife, and the staff tries to help Nurse Thor deal with her discovery that she is seriously ill.

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Shares an apartment with nurse Julie Williams, to help both of them save money.

At times very strict with her staff almost to the point of angering them, but she does mean well.

Eve was able to sometimes let her hair down with the staff and was considered their friend.

The main setting is the emergency room (E/R) of a fictional Clark Street Hospital in Chicago, Illinois; the stories are centered upon the happenings in the ER and the lives of the doctors who work there. Howard Sheinfeld (played by Elliott Gould)--a twice divorced ear, nose, and throat specialist who moonlights at the hospital to keep up with his alimony payments—and his colleague (and potential romantic interest) Dr.

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Eve Sheridan (played by Marcia Strassman in the pilot and by Mary Mc Donnell thereafter).Born in a medical family (her father was also a doctor), she takes her job very seriously.She tends to come down hard on Howard for his constant joking and his lack of medical protocol, but she is also concerned for him because he works such long hours in the emergency room with absolutely little or nothing to show for it.Reruns aired on cable's Lifetime Television from September 5, 1988 to April 24, 1992. Eve Sheridan (Marcia Strassman - pilot only) starts her first night. Eve's sister Karen comes to discuss plans for their ailing father who is about to be released from the hospital, and Howard asks her to a party being thrown by Cory and the pediatric nurses.