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15-Apr-2017 17:54

) and the story of how a couple met, must be one of the most asked questions at dinner-parties and social gatherings all across the world.Tapping into that memorable moment most of us will experience at least once in our lifetime – when hearts begin to flutter, temperatures raise and you feel that incomparable chemistry with someone – somewhat wandering storytelling approach has that truly magical transportive power to make you either drift away and recall meetings of the past or envision future romantic connections and it’s really this meditative quality that truly makes Abrahams’ film such a special watch.When it comes to storytelling, one of the tried and tested techniques for making your audience identify and connect with your narrative, is making it somewhat relatable to their lives.And when it comes to accessible topics – they don’t come much more identifiable than romance.Despite the idea of bachelorhood being an altogether foreign one in my present life, the one thing you never forget, however long you’ve been in a relationship, is that magical moment of meeting someone for a first time.We’ve all got (or will have) that story of how we met our significant other for the first time (although sometimes it’s a little fuzzy due to alcohol consumption!Samuels’ film is all about connections and if the synopsis (and title) of his previous short, the BAFTA nominated isn’t just a film about that most prominent of dilemmas in the lives of the majority of unattached individuals – how to make a connection with a potential life partner – it’s also a film about the ever-changing ways in which we connect with the people around us.

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This week Seo Jin and Joon Ki’s coupledom went public, Doo Sik’s feelings for Mal Geum were still obvious because of his deep affection for a pair of tennis shoes she gifted him, and Yoon Ah finally figured out that she really does like Dong Gu. Join Logan, Akua, and me, Kate, as we discuss episodes fifteen and sixteen of Go Go Waikiki.

In a way, if this was a staged-drama, then we would be saluting the director for the natural and engaging delivery of the piece and delighting in the success of its utterly-convincing “mockumentary” style.