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01-Feb-2018 03:16

The RGS, once home to deadbeats and bores, has become a popular destination for romantic couples.

Its Intelligence Squared debates are at the vanguard of " intellidating" - an emerging trend in London for more cerebral dates.

Should I re-read Bruce Feirstein's book, "Real Men Don't Bond"? As for being my own matchmaker, I know it's a little unusual"? Did Temple Chaverim in Plainview, NY, present a performance of "Have I Got A Guy for You: What Really Happens When Mom Fixes You Up"? Would you date someone who was born under the sign "Tsuris"?


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"It's nice to do something where you are not stuck glaring at each other over supper for two hours," says writer Esther Walker, 25, an intellidating regular. Is matchmaking the world's second- oldest profession? Did Bill O'Reilly say that one should never use these ridiculous lines: "Want to see my tattoo? The limited company was directed by one managing director: Michael John Wilson, who was assigned this position in 2009.