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01-Feb-2018 03:16

"You are with someone who believes all your brain cells are functioning and not only the ones that tell you how to put on lipstick and high heels." Intelligence Squared tickets are now some of the hottest in town.

Last night Anna Ford chaired a debate on "The rise of China spells the decline of the West".

(Source: "Life, Love, Lox - Real World Advice for the Modern Jewish Girl"by Carin Davis) 31. (Some just log on and pretend to be their children! Is "" a site which accepts only good looking ("sheyn") members? Is it true that the late Wendy Wasserstein's parents allowed her to attend Yale in the hope that she would meet a suitable Jewish man, preferably an attorney, and settle down and produce grandchildren for them?

"Going to look at art is great because there is a distraction," says Will Ramsay, founder of the Affordable Art Fair."These are the best dates for couples with upwards of a few brain cells, because the amount of time that can be absorbed by sex, eating, drinking and shopping is not enough to make conversation and shared cultural interests irrelevant," he says." Intellectual and cultural activities are, so to speak, cocaine for the mind, and even celebrities have cerebella." Others are jumping on the cultural bandwagon.The RGS, once home to deadbeats and bores, has become a popular destination for romantic couples.

Intellidating - christian advice on dating older men. London is in the throes of a love affair with a new trend for pop-up style teaching emerges.… continue reading »

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