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22-Jun-2017 18:16

This means that we have here not just individual successes but system-wide improvements. An increase in life expectancy is perhaps the main result.

Since 2006, life expectancy has grown by 6 years to almost 72 years.

Our positions have grown for four years in a row, and this happens amid a financial crisis.

We consistently advance in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking of economies, which estimates the quality of a business climate.

This signifies additional opportunities for an inflow of funds and for solving other problems.

Last year, our country climbed to the 43 position in the world competitiveness rating.

These include important draft laws designed to improve the quality of forensic examination and the effectiveness of cyber protection efforts and to reduce road congestion and improve road safety.

The State Duma election was the main political event last year.

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The sanctions pressure continued, and it will likely last for some time yet, and oil prices were low.Childbirth and infant mortality rates are also going down.They decreased by almost 75 percent in 25 years, or the entire history of modern Russia.Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no differences. But disputes between our political parties, despite the differences in their views and ideologies, only concern the methods for achieving our main goal, which is to continue to develop our country so as to ensure a prosperous life for our people.