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They wouldn't tend to enquire about your dreams, desires, and all that makes you feel alive.If the trait of curiosity is not there at the beginning, it's not likely going to get much better than this, ever.What would it be like to be predictive about some likely future situations with a man or woman in just about any area of conflict?From the potential for betrayal, to financial challenges, management of friendships and family, health crises, and child-rearing, crossing all the most difficult divides between a man and a woman begins with the capacity to be curious.Usually, we adhere to the old wise saying warning us to "judge others by their actions, not words." In the case of assessing mature curiosity versus being judgmental, the reverse may be far more useful: Know people through curious words, not passionate actions.With a person who does not have a natural sense of curiosity, you are likely to see that:1.) They over time, both for your career goals, and in your ongoing security in the knowledge that, yes, you are still attractive to the opposite sex in general. But when you find a person with a curious intellect about the world, it doesn't matter whether their looks were everything you had in mind in your fantasies, their surface charm is alluring, or they have all the fame and fortune in the world.Because other chapters in this volume are devoted to cohabitation and to gay and lesbian relationships, we concentrate on mate selection in heterosexual relationships, and we discuss cohabitation only as it pertains to contemporary dating relationships and mate selection.

You are both curious people - puzzle solvers who can still get pleasure out of the intellectual challenge of human behavior, and in spite of having conflicting emotions or passionate arguments.9.) , and you find yourselves even stronger, wiser, and more knowledgeable about each other, simply because you are both curious people, and people who make a great team. Growing better and better because of each other's personality style, I cover at com, and the stages of courtship - the desire, friendship and mature partnership phases, I cover at men and women. We need some ability to be judgemental in order to make decisions and choices for ourselves--what beliefs, experiences and persons we choose to allow in our personal boundaries, or not.Then we confuse words with emotions, then emotions with romantic fitness as a partner.Then desire, lust, love, friendship, maturity (outgrowing narcissism), and committed partnership are confused with each other. It all started harmlessly - long before the "emotional involvement," the man and woman simply engaged in idle conversation. How about taming the illogical passions, the vague hues of emotion, and the ambivalence of a committed partnership under duress - with the cold, hard intellectual trait of curiosity.It's hard to keep up a friendship with a person whom you don't really know, and even more likely that you are going to argue, compete, and not see eye-to-eye on the very issues that cause people to enter friendships in the first place.

All because you couldn't get to an emotionally intimate knowledge of each other from the get-go.In the thick of the desires of a dating life, the occasional emotional upheaval of an unmarried couple, and in the numerous stresses and duties that need a team approach in a committed partnership, one can find themselves wishing for there to be just one clue as to whether they are with the right person.It just happens that there's an extremely quick and easy trait of character - a hidden "dealbreaker" for you to screen others with in your romantic life.The uncurious - the judgmental, the prejudiced - do not understand, collaborate, or compromise. Which by default, as we've covered, is likely also a judgmental or prejudiced person. We need both left and right brain functions I feel. She says that judgement is the root of all stress, but I would add that it's negative judgement that's stressful to ourselves and others.

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