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02-Dec-2017 19:38

When they move into the gaming sphere, such harassment increases tenfold.Ironically, both women say the lion’s share of the criticism they receive is from fellow female gamers, many of whom, they claim, don’t do anything different in their streams than they do.“Nerd” porn stars like April O’Neil are G4 mainstays, and it’s rumored that popular streamers like Knee Cole Slaw have previously worked as camgirls (NSFW).There’s even a website, Pwned By Girls, founded by porn star Alana Evans, devoted to adult performers who game.In a plain black T-shirt, glasses and no makeup, she looks attractive yet frumpy and a bit wan, like a college sophomore who spent the night before cramming for midterms.She’s also extremely brash, openly discussing topics from fisting to getting her feet worshipped to hiring an escort.Evans says Ninja Girl Rachel and her followers accused her of ripping off her “sexy gamer girl” concept and faking her gameplays, circulating a video that allegedly showed her playing with a turned-off controller. Given how hard women have to work to prove their legitimacy in the traditionally male-dominated field of competitive gaming, there’s definitely a grain of truth to the idea that the behavior of female adult performers-turned-gamers, like Rogers and Evans, takes them back a step and forces them to work that much harder to prove their credentials.

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‘Oh, she’s just a cam whore.’ ‘Oh, she’s just doing this for attention’...

“Girls who do porn, you have to be strong-minded to put yourself out there in the real world,” Rogers tells me. You have to have a thick skin, or you’ll be gone in a few weeks.”Miss Mia Rose, an adult performer-turned-professional gamer who BTNSmash listed as the second-best female streamer on Twitch, experiences harassment on the same level that Alana Evans and Jessie Rogers do.

When I sat in on her stream a few weeks ago, which doubled as an informal AMA, within the span of five minutes she fielded comments such as, “Mia rose how is getting fucked for others entertainment?

“Then after I got a partnership with Twitch and they put me on the first page, I’d get the fans that weren’t from porn.”Unlike many Twitch streamers, Rogers is not a lifelong gamer: She started playing Xbox games in high school, and although she’s known for playing , she didn’t start playing until after she left porn (fans love her for how mad she gets when she dies in the game).

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The appeal of her channel doesn’t so much lie in her skill as a gamer, but in her personality and physical appearance.

As she explains it, “some men just go crazy when they see a porn girl gaming.”“Crazy in a good way, or crazy in a bad way? Rogers is far from the only former or current adult performer to have carved out a side career in the gaming industry.

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