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“There was this girl who’d livestream and wear a tank top, just like I did, and then she’d go on social media accounts and bash me for getting more viewers than her,” Rogers says. “It was very silly.”Since feuding with Ninja Girl Rachel, Pwned By Girls has evolved from a cam site where adult performers gamed topless into a more conventional gaming site (although Evans and her co-hosts still typically wear short shorts and crop tops).“They can be just as mean as the guys.”In 2011, when Pwned By Girls first launched, Evans publicly feuded with a female gamer named Ninja Girl Rachel, who also streamed sexually suggestive gameplays. While Evans defends the shift from NSFW to SFW site, saying she wanted “to take away the presumption that we [she and co-host Missy Martinez] weren’t serious about our gaming,” she defends the idea that “gamer girls” can both be sexualized and legitimate at the same time.“To see a picture of a girl holding a controller, whether it’s in her mouth or covering a breast, automatically she’s gonna get hated on,” she says. Even if a woman openly admits to using her sexuality to draw subscribers, as Evans does, the fact remains that most “serious” gamer girls don’t put controllers in their mouths or use them to cover their breasts; they use them to play games.“I disconnected my mic because people were being a little creeepeeee,” Jessie says in a singsong voice into the mic on her headset.A pretty 20-year-old with long blonde hair swept to the side of her face, Jessie is playing in a video on You Tube.To counter the assumption that Most Gamers Are Male, stories involving games have a tendency to incorporate at least one female character that is into the same sort of games as the male characters.

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When she turns her face cam on, she is told she’s using her looks to get views; when she turns it off, she’s accused of faking her gameplays. “You can never win with them.”The obsession with “fake gamer girls” is deep-rooted in the gaming community, with gamers accusing attractive women of being “cam whores” and derisively referring to men who donate to female streamers on Twitch as “white knights." But Rogers and Evans say it is worse for female adult performers, who, by virtue of the stigma associated with porn, already encounter discrimination on a daily basis.Like many female gamers referred to as “cam whores,” Rogers displays herself prominently in her face cam, and often wears revealing low-cut tops during streams.Rogers doesn’t deny that her looks and porn credentials have contributed to her popularity: “It definitely helps,” she says, that she’s an attractive young woman in a predominantly male space.“It’s like you had sex on camera, so you’re less than human to them.

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