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: Aircraft was at Popham in April 1997 (see picture).

: New info from the owner, Chris Joly: "Now back in the air again with C of A valid until April 2006." Chris also offered the his new address displayed above.

From Julian Carter 10 July 2000: "The aircraft stopped flying in 1969 due to failure of the glue joints in the wing.

When all you have is a pair of bolt cutters and a bottle of vodka, everything looks like the lock on the door of Wolf Blitzer's boathouse.

Also, you can write object-oriented code in C, you just have to be a bit manual about vtables and such.

This question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. - I know you said that you didn't want to, but you should really really reconsider.

Pointers in C are really just indices into this array---they're just a different kind of integer.

No different in Java, Python, PHP, except hidden beneath a surface layer.

A day after that, David Wise offered to send me his DR.100 series production list (which I gladly accepted, thanks David!

Then finally in early November, Robin Sauvary sent a list which he had compiled together with his friend David Wise some years ago.This is what happens in Haskell too---type classes are in some sense "just another vtable". "Modern" (more or less - at least not 50 years old ;) ) functional languages, especially Haskell, have explored a plethora of very powerful useful new concepts.Another great thing about C: engaging in Q&A with skilled C programmers will get you a lot of answers that explain C in terms of lower-level constructs, which builds your closer-to-the-iron knowledge base. Type classes add ad-hoc polymorphism, but type inference (yet another thing the languages you already know don't have) works like a charm.Not a language, but the Art of the Metaobject Protocol is mind-bending stuff of more code around (and the leap is short once you know C and Java).