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17-Nov-2017 09:35

Financial Mail believes good corporate citizens should pre-empt legislation and make a full and frank tax disclosure.

There cannot be a debate on who is paying a fair contribution if no one knows what is being paid to – as well as earned from – the citizens in whose territory the world’s big corporations are operating.

It is, as The Mail on Sunday’s research reveals today, a quarter of all our big UK-listed companies too.

But as Chancellor George Osborne struggles with his calculations for this month’s make-or-break budget, he will again confront the outrageous reality that the corporate sector provides him with a pitiful amount of revenue – just £43 billion a year.

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Liberal Democrat MEP Sharon Bowles, who is pushing for tax disclosure said: ‘In an age of austerity, when the ordinary man in the street has to pay all his tax, we should be making sure corporates pay their fair whack and in the right place.’Tax campaigner Richard Murphy said that the research showed the Government needed to look again at tax rules: ‘Every one of these companies thinks it’s worthwhile being based in the UK – there is profit to be made.

It took on debt to buy its slice of the airwaves and is allowed to offset repayments against tax.