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4.12, vi THE LIFE OF nos annos, ut Regni Hiftoria & continue monflrant mtmoria, in c Peninfnla Hi hernia Enis-Oe V. Reafonsfor addrefjtng his Majefty to invite into England their High- neffes, Mr. Iv neffes, the Elcflrcfs Do-jjager and the Elec toral Trince of Hanover : And I kevjifc, II. aicla, prope nrbem Londmo- f Dert- enfem in Ultonia, perduravit. nos ex eadem T atria ori- undi propriis manibus fubfcripjimus, f prag<e in Bohemia, hac die z Jan. Reafbns for attainting and abjuring the pretended Trince of Joules, and <? Me had tiie Name of ]ANI : S J UNI us i:ivcn him at the font, and was cali d by that name in the fchool-roll every morning : but the other bovs making a jell of it, the. He begins Ins Letter thus : tc A- li mongil all the News of this bufy Sea- (l ion, no report has affeclcd me fo peculiarly, *D 3 " as (52) The Toft-Alan, from November 18, to November 20, 1701, Uv THE LIFE OF c as that of your Inclination to fill a feat in the Grand approaching Council j tor I am * pcrfuadcd, that not only our Civil Intcrcft, " but our Religion has fame dcpendance on " the Ifmc of the next Debates ; and I have " long known your Talents, whether in Po- " liticks or Theology, to be fo weighty, as (c to qualify you at once for a Good Old " Committee Man, and for a Member of that " Healing Synod, the Affcnibly of Divines. M after himfclf ordcr d him to be cali d JOHN tor the future ; which name he kept ever after. THESE honcft Friars, you ice, do certify under their hands and ical, that Mr. " It was with this double jufiicc to your " Merit that I lately confounded an Acadc- " mical Fop ; who {peaking of your Book- < learn d Antagoni O, the late Bifliopof Jl or- cefter, and gravely ftylino; him a ody of tc Divinity, was by me given to underiland, " that what the Lifliop had in Trofundity, <c Mr. ABOUT the fame time, came out a Pamphlet, intitled, Clito, a ^Po-em on the force of Eloquence. TOLAND is the Author of it, and that he is underftood in the Poem by ADEISID^E- MON, which fignifies unfuperftitious. CLITO asks ADEI- SID^MON how far the force of Eloquence can go, To teach Mankind thofe Truths which they miftake, And who the noble Task durjl undertake ? TOLAND* CLITO directed: and FULLER s plain Troof of the true Mother of the pretended Trinceof Wales made out to be no proof.

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Had " hc xlvi THE LIFE OF <c he given it the Heathcnifh name of To- " LAND, or ADEISIDEMON, I am apt ro " think this abominable iffue of his brain " would have had a more fignificant appclla " tion. King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland : S tat holder of Guelder- land, Holland, Zealand, Utrecht, and Over- yjj tl : fuprewe Magiftrat of the two moft potent and founding Commonwealths in the Univerfe. xlvii <( Ties, It was fct on foot among us by the " firft of that Race, and was daily improv- " ing under his Succci Vor, till at laft it U- " tally turn d on himiclf, and dcpriv d him " both of his Crown and Lite. TOLAND being inform d that the lower Houfe of Convoca tion had appointed a Committee to examine Books lately publifh d againft the Chrifthii Religion, or the cftablifh d Church of Eng land, and that his Chriftianity not My ft er ions and his Amyntor were under the confidcra- tion of that Committee ; he writ two Letters to Dr. His name no where appears in this Book, which he dedicated to the King, with this pretty iingular Infcription : To ,3AM III. But he v/as r,n[\vcr Vi by ibnie of our Divines 5 as by Mr. iract, intitled: Some Reflexions on "ha - ^rt of a Book ra/WAmyntor, or the Defence of MILTON S Life, which relates to s Jl- ritiugs of the Primitive Fathers, and the Canon of the New Teftament. STEPHEN NYE in his Htftorical Account and Defence of the C:r,:on of i Jje New Teftament. BAYLE, that this " Pailagc of the Life of MILTON has been " oppos d j for Mr. BAYLE cou d have acted in this matter with more caution, impartiality, and dilintcreftednefs ? xli " has given PA MI: LA S Prayer at larqe, com- " par d it with the Arcadia, and fct down : in two Columns one againfl: another; and " to what p urpolc \vas this inierted Me " lays indeed, that MILTON wade a "rent <l no ifc about it, and that is true; but what " follows, that Muwx placd that Tarallcl ic at the end of l:;s Anfaer, is a plain and u notorious Falfhoodj tor MILTON himtclf, c placed neither the Prayer nor the Parallel " at the end of his Anfwer, but Mr. Moreover , at the end of the two Prayers, he gives a fliort Advcrtifc- ment xlii THE LIFE OF mcnt of the French Tranflator relating to PAMELA S Prayer. BAYLE had a great (hare in your eiteem ; and don t doubt but you ll be pleas d to fee juitice done to his Memory. The Manufcript was put into his hands by the late Duke of NEWCASTLE, who was (15) The Author of thefe Memoirs might have obferv d, that this year Mr. AND took a turn into Holland, as it appears by fome Letters in this Cdhfthn* See Vol. " As for myielf, " fays he, tho no employment or condition " of life fhall make me dilrclifh the lading " entertainment which Books afford 5 yet 1 " have reiblv d not to write the Life of any " modern Pcrlbn again, except that only of " one Man ftill alive, and who in the ordi- (C nary courfe of nature 1 am like to iurvivc " a long while, he being already far advanc d : in his declining time, and I but this prc- " lent day beginning the thirtieth year of my <c age." That Preface being dated, Novem ber 30, 1699 ; we find here the precife time of his birth.