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23-Feb-2017 09:07

In 2011, Takanori Shibata, a Japanese engineer, turned up on the coast of tsunami-wracked Fukushima and handed out around 80 robotic seal pups to the victims of the disaster.Refugees warmed to the robots: many have held on to them and continue to look after them.Shibata could have turned up with puppies, or kittens or guinea pigs and would probably have achieved greater therapeutic impact.But who has the money and time to feed and look after 80 animals in a disaster zone?Perhaps poverty is the only thing nailing Grandma to the family couch.As for the sick, we’ve long since been consigning them to institutions, be they care homes, hospitals or hospices, where people who are better-trained promise to look after them.

The trailer’s out at last and the futuristic TV series is about an uprising of pleasure cyborgs in a futuristic resort. Robots are being built to help the elderly, nurse the sick and tend the children.Countless robot nurse prototypes, with names like Terapio and Robear, are under trial. We have conquered disease to the point where people regularly stay healthy into their nineties.This is why the US has as many people over 85 as children under five and China has 100 million senior citizens to look after.A real-life therapy dog may cost more than ,000 over its lifetime. It can move its head, neck, eyelids, flippers and tail. It understands simple words and phrases (the sort we use with pets and babies).

It knows when it’s being treated well, and when it’s being roughly handled.

Should we roll out sex robots to address the uneven gender ratios in China?