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Red Sonja got a bit of a revamp over at Dynamite Entertainment, where her village was visited by pillagers, who did kill her family.

But in this version she lures the raiders into the thick jungle and murders them one by one.

So while she may look absolutely stunning even under the worst conditions, cross her the wrong way and she’ll take your words and make you a manwich.

We were reminded of this in some respect in recent covers like that of the apple-twerking Spider-Woman or Batgirl’s Joker Variant.So even in human form she could wipe the floor with him.What do you expect from a bombshell whose job it is talk slick and manipulate words like a rubix cube.She’s gone up against everyone from Batman Beyond and the Justice League.

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She’s not too fond of water or electricity, or any combination of the two, but catching her or getting close enough to subdue this vixen is a task and a half in itself. Imagine having a red head model and a sultry vixen who can steal you things. But it does explain why’d he would possibly dance like an idiot for 10 minutes.In Dynamites version too Sonja learns her fighting skills from being a slave and being forced into becoming gladiator, learning the ropes from a fellow prisoner.Needless to say we like the second version of the Heroine more. Literally, seeing she’s a deadly shapeshifter who can virtually attached herself to surfaces being virtually undetectable, she transforms into black ink like consistency and can move through any crack or crevice.Walters received a blood transfusion from cousin Bruce Banner and as such obtained the super strength and green hued skin of the hulk, but retains her intelligence and emotional control.