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These You Tube style sites have proliferated the web, and as carbon-copy whitelabel skinned sites, they grab content from various sources to bring in traffic.

Kink has filed a multimillion-dollar copyright and trademark infringement suit against the operator of Dr Tuber.com, a porn tube site that is alleged to have made available 75 Kink movies on its site.

It's not as saucy a read as if it had been an i Trick sex management system, but it's interesting nonetheless.He included their name, a photo, his initial impressions after viewing their profile, the dates when they’d exchanged winks, the dates of when they’d exchanged emails, and impressions of their first date. Not to get all Mars/Venus on you, but I think this spreadsheet is symbolic of the ways men and women approach online dating differently. Before I (literally) bumped into my amazing boyfriend at a friend’s housewarming party a year and a half ago, and became so enchanted with him that other men hardly seem to exist , I was actually a big fan of online dating.He color-coded the women according to who he wanted to “monitor closely ASAP” and who he wanted to “monitor casually.” He, of course, gave each woman a numerical score based on her appearance, getting so specific as to dole out three 7.5s and a 9.5. He emailed her the spreadsheet after their date saying, “Well … I hope this e-mail doesn’t backfire, because I really had a great time and hope to hang again soon.” Backfire doesn’t even begin to cover it. I had profiles up on Salon.com’s dating site as well as on Then he e-mailed it to one of his dates, who forwarded it on to her friends, and it went viral.

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Naturally, some of the 11 other women Merkur dated — and rated, and tabulated — are angry.Pro-life hacker that identifies as Anonymous steals 10K pregnancy service records Alleged anonymous member James Jeffery hacked into the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) last month and stole 10,000 database records.His motivation to strike the UK's largest abortion provider and 10,000 women that used its general health services was fueled by anger toward his sister for her choice to terminate her pregnancy. The website has been characterized as "gay porn" by FOX news for its content advising men on how to understand risks and have safe sex.