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24-Jun-2017 01:14

Anonymous asked: I’m kind of puzzled by David’s embarrassment in that video regarding Californication and how many women he’s been with.

Any other man would smirk and laugh it off, but David seems genuinely embarrassed every time anybody talks about sex. I’m not his therapist, but he entered rehab for sexual addiction a month after that press junket. FYDG is not in the business of blaming our subjects or furthering emotional agendas versus one or the other.

Winona is, like, my stand in for Gillian, I guess, who turned 28 in 1996. gladlybeyondanyxperience asked: David is acting gross and a being sad cliché. Answering this very old ask as a way of reflecting on how much our read of their status is conditioned by our knowledge of What’s Going On.

Even the acting generation technically younger than him has grown up into mature adults. Processing the sheer numbers and everything that means.

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But also, 1998 was twenty years ago, and in the meantime the 2008-2015 window self-consciously shed that aura of burn out.

(Essentially , I don't think it's the same thing, no matter how disappointing and gross I find his current behaviour.) Oh, I agree. I just keep calling to mind previous ways that I kind of side eyed Duchovny, and then I compare them to this… I don't actually wish for it, but if it does occur it is satisfying to me that GA be the instigator in the same way that it is satisfying that it is 2018 and *exactly* 20 years after 1998.