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As the demand grew, many New England families began bringing the mesh home after hours, weaving the links and rings by hand in their spare time. Handbag styles were pouch-shaped often featuring jeweled frames with long shoulder straps. Cocktail parties were a growing trend and with it, brought bold, showy designs known as cocktail jewelry.

As orders came in, employees were afforded the opportunity to assemble handbags in their spare time for small bonuses.

The years provided in silver and every mesh needs as an absolute turn handbag headed in the direction scenery.

1980s Christie Brinkley covers Cosmopolitan, September 1983 in a Whiting & Davis metal mesh dress.

In the teens and early ‘20s, Whiting & Davis bags are made of small precious metal rings and are unpainted for the most part, their striking designs coming from a mixture of metal colors, artfully joined rings and metal fringe.

By the end of the ‘20s, flat Armor mesh painted in bold Deco designs and Dresden mesh, with its tiny rings silkscreened by hand in dreamy Impressionistic shades, take center stage.

1930s The 1930s bring high-profile collaborations with iconic designers Paul Poiret and Elsa Schiaparelli, while Whiting & Davis’ famed creations continue to turn up in the hands of stage and screen actresses of the era. The renowned and prolific Elsa Schiaparelli designs for Whiting & Davis in the mid 30s, introducing several new, more modern shapes to the line.

Beatrice Lille with a Whiting & Davis ring mesh purse.They capture the light, they capture the eye, they capture hearts. 1876 In 1876, Wade Davis & Company, the precursor to Whiting & Davis, is founded by William H. 1896 Charles Whiting joins the company in 1880 at age 16 and swiftly moves up the ranks to management. Davis form a partnership and raise the money to purchase the company, renaming it The Whiting & Davis Company.We believe beauty goes beyond the surface – it’s why we created Charity Hearts, our line of minaudière handbags supporting a number of charities close to our hearts. Inspired by seasons past and present, we are tirelessly conceiving new styles. 1920s Whiting & Davis’ beautiful, high quality purses are coveted accessory of flappers, actresses and “well dressed women everywhere.” Through automation and advertising, the company expands its reach, becoming, and remaining to this day, the world’s leading mesh handbag manufacturer.Mesh scarves and collars became popular styles, worn around the neck, head, shoulders or waist, and Art Deco influences continued into this decade with bright reds, oranges, blues, black and white often on geometric and zig-zag patterns.