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19-Jul-2017 22:06

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Through his dating instruction company, Craft of Charisma, he’s been coaching within the “social anxiety community” for several years.

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“They were the ones no one else wanted to work with,” he says.And it’s inaccurate to say, as some have since Paxil became popular, that SAD is nothing but a marketing construct. And classes like this one, or at least communities like this one, offer some relief.Those who seek out social anxiety groups (not to mention those too anxious to do so), whether or not they have a disorder, suffer in a singular way. The students in this room seem grateful, even happy to learn new coping skills and to be part of a supportive group.(Later, I look up Triforce and learn that it’s a Zelda symbol that represents wisdom, power, and courage.) Someone confesses his shame about the scars on his body. Only one person, who told us during introductions that his stutter causes him acute anxiety, refuses to participate. Since I reached out to Luna about writing this story, he’s told me several times that “everyone is socially anxious.” I guess what he means is that everyone is socially anxious to varying degrees.

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