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The schedule for this training is as follows: A recording of our March Expert Q&A session on "Assisting Male Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse" is now available for viewing, along with a copy of the Power Point, on our Expert Q&A page.

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Based on her dedication to youth in need, she founded Stars Mentoring Services, LLC, an internationally accredited child and family service organization that provides therapeutic mentoring to at-risk youth and counseling services for military personnel, first responders, and crime victims and their families.

We are now accepting applications for the NVAA Effective Management Series: Developing and Managing a Board of Directors training.

Facilitated by Jennifer Landhuis, this 4-week training will provide a step-by-step guide to building an effective board and offer strategies for keeping members involved and accountable.

This webinar will highlight some of the challenges and common dynamics in these cases through a comparison of two elder neglect cases that went to trial and were presented to juries.

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This presentation can aid law enforcement in their investigations of complex elder neglect cases and prosecutors in their review, filing, and litigation in criminal court. March’s Consultant Spotlight shines on Michelle (Shell) Schwartz, the disability services program director at the SAFE Alliance, a human services agency in Austin, Texas, serving survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence.

She has worked extensively with domestic violence victims and their families, and with drunk driving survivors and their loved ones in North Texas since 1980. Bragg specializes in law enforcement training (e.g., death notification, family violence, trauma, and victims' rights) and counseling special victim populations on catastrophic death or injury.