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“Small countries as we are, we are very close in our spirit of vigorousness and determination”, noted Saulius Skvernelis.

The Speaker of the Slovenian Parliament thanked Lithuania for having been the second country to recognize their independence in 1991.

For example, the Resian and Torre (Ter) dialects in the Italian Province of Udine differ most from other Slovene dialects.

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The Bond auctions are executed in two phases: a) 1st phase – by competitive bidding and b) 2nd phase - by non-competitive bidding.Furthermore, Slovene shares certain linguistic characteristics with all South Slavic languages, including those of the Eastern subgroup, such as Bulgarian.Although Slovene is almost completely intelligible with the Kajkavian dialects of Serbo-Croatian (especially the variant spoken in Hrvatsko Zagorje on the border with Slovenia), mutual intelligibility with other varieties of Serbo-Croatian is hindered by differences in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.Although Slovene is basically an SVO language, word order is very flexible, often adjusted for emphasis or stylistic reasons.