Dating king trumpet

27-Jan-2017 20:07

In Revelation the ordinary rules of interpretation cannot be followed.Textural Criticism usually requires that the words of any passage of Scripture must be understood in their plain and natural sense unless there is some reason to take them figuratively.In Revelation -17 we have an overwhelming impression of approaching doom and human terror.

The details of the Psalmist are not intended that way!

The writer uses these symbols to communicate his thoughts to those who will read and understand the symbols and at the same time in order to conceal his ideas from those outside the Christian circle.

To us living in the present time this concealment of sensitive facts from outsiders may not appear to be of great importance, but the conditions of the day in which the work was written reveal that it was extremely important and necessary.

In order to understand the true meaning of Revelation, we must seek to grasp the visions or series of visions as a whole without pressing the details of the symbolism.

It must be noted that many of the details are for the dramatic effect and not for adding to the minute meaning of a passage.There are few places where literal language is used in the midst of symbolic language, but these stand out in the context just as Greek words stand out in a context of English.When we read the Bible story of David and Goliath we see the boy, the giant, the armor, the sling and the victory.It is obvious that Peter had Rome in mind when he wrote this.

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