Dating boker razors

17-Feb-2018 13:22

Apply lather with a brush and make the first pass WTG (with the grain), then rinse and re-lather.On the second pass, shave XTG (across the grain); this refers to the direction your beard grows.

Wet shaving DE neophytes make the common mistake of not correctly tightening the top of the razor to the handle, thus allowing up-and-down play from the blade.

A haunting image of a man was captured on Google Earth at the remains of a house in a 'ghost village'.

This is such an amazing awards show with all the fabulous Divas in the industry making an appearance!

The handsome handles are crafted of a fine grained Bocote wood.

Although the clean-shaven look has been in style periodically since at least the 12th Egyptian Dynasty, or around 2000 B.Or you may find that some areas of your face do not need an ATG shaving pass.As one gains experience with DE shaving, he will develop a technique that’s right for his specific facial features.She loves to see a man suffer for her, and lives to have them beg her to become her property.