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The authors hope, by the God’s will, you will find your destiny in this world. George Phiolent Balaklava Monastery Gallery of icons painted in different styles and techniques. Articles about Orthodoxy, contemporary Church life and society issues, family life and upbringing of children, Christian fiction, sermons and Orthodox music. Ukrainian Orthodox Site of Acquaintances Here you can publish a letter, read letters of others. Nicholas worked as a professional chef for 10 years before studying theology and becoming an ordained Baptist minister.

Paintings by Gordon Smith, Janet Dunkley, Jenny Whyte and Christine Pulker.

The old street Carrer de Pere d'Artés runs through this thousand-year-old set of buildings, which still survive after so many years.

In the middle of them is the Church of Santa Eulàlia de Vilapicina, which was built on the remains of an earlier Romanesque church in 1782, preserving its chapel and some of its outer walls.

The old Vilapicina road that used to link Sant Andreu with Horta was also respected and a bridge was built to link Vilapicina with Can Basté,one of the other buildings that can still be seen in this old centre today.

The 17th-century farmhouse, which belonged to some tenant farmers, was renovated several times in the course of its history, until it became the property of the City Council in 1980 and was turned into the Can Basté civic centre.

Old Barcelona's medieval and rural origins surface surprisingly in the middle of the new city.