Consolidating music files in itunes

26-Jul-2017 14:40

If I choose to consolidate them, as you suggested, will I then have them all in two places? When you consolidate, any songs in the i Tunes Library that are not in the i Tunes Music Folder are copied to the Music Folder and the Library is updated to point to those new files.

Files already in the i Tunes Music Folder have no changes made to them: Consolidating your library - Mac Consolidating your library - Windows Consolidating only affects anything you already have in the i Tunes library, it doesn't for instance scan for music files in other folders and add them into i Tunes.

Download and install Leawo Music Recorder on your computer and then follow the below steps to learn how to clean up i Tunes music library after you consolidate i Tunes library.

After installing the software on windows, open it and click "Clean up Duplicates" option.

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To put it simply, my tracks are scattered in many non-i Tunes folders throughout my hard drive, even in another partition on my hard drive. What is the most efficient way to consolidate these track into i Tunes.

* That tab simply tells i Tunes the location of the i Tunes Music folder.