Consolidating and centralizing functions

10-Aug-2017 06:47

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Centralizing Patient Access When a patient accesses a healthcare organization, such as for a surgical procedure, scheduling and registration can be tedious and frustrating if the healthcare organization has decentralized processes.Multiple calls to multiple providers may be required and on each call, the patient has to provide his or her demographic, contact and payment information.On the other hand, a centralized patient access process allows a patient to schedule and register for all necessary appointments at one time, creating a single point of contact for the patient with the healthcare organization.This streamlines the patient experience and also reduces the need for scheduling and registration staff in each area of the organization, such as the physician office, hospital, surgical department and so on.

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Click here to view a sample of what you'll see in your inbox each week!Staff members receiving the information often do not share it with other aligned healthcare partners, resulting in a fragmented yet duplicative process.This not only yields a negative patient experience, it is also highly inefficient and sometimes inaccurate.It is more difficult to have a uniform message if it is not established from the top of an organization.

Centralization and consolidation of back-office functions can bring impressive. By centralizing or consolidating functions such as B2B e-commerce your business.… continue reading »

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Defense Organization. and 3 reduce the acquisition work force and administrative burden by consolidating duplicative functions. However.… continue reading »

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Centralize and Consolidate Functions into Department of Administration. The potential benefits of centralized functions are most. Consolidating/Improving.… continue reading »

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