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Some can cover the material without adding make up days, others may wish to add time to each class session, while others may add week(s) to their classes.Professors have been instructed to provide maximum flexibility to students and to discuss how missed classes will be made up on the first day of class.Joe Parle, Vice President and Academic Dean at [email protected], so we can determine what arrangements can be made.Include your full name, student ID number and a good contact number.If you need additional time to pay your tuition, please send an email to [email protected] will respond to your email when the college reopens and will work with you to protect your classes from being dropped. All other classes are at the discretion of the faculty.In one initiation in 2016, male and female freshers were locked in a communal bathroom and had fish guts thrown over them.Another ritual involves older boys forcing the male freshers to dress up as goblins, consume alcohol and run around the college bashing down girls' doors.

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The disturbing sequence of shots show the 21-year-old appear to lose consciousness, his knees buckling as he sinks to the ground, while the deputy continues to choke him or activate a pressure point that renders him unconscious.

The College takes any allegation of this sort very seriously…