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Do you have any ideas for sexting games we could play, plus ways to get him to respond?I don’t want to get left hanging and feel embarrassed! It can be really hard to keep the fires burning in a long-distance relationship, so I commend you and your partner for making an active effort to stay connected.For example, “You’re going to get in at nine at night.We could either get really dressed up and go out to dinner, take a quick shower together, or go straight into the bedroom. ” You can either take turns giving options and making decisions, or have your partner plan out the entire date.

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Copy and paste the specific sentences that you really like, or discuss your favorite scenes. Text your partner and ask them to guess something about your clothing.This is a good game to play with partners who might feel a bit shy about discussing your personal sex life over text.Tell your partner you want to write a story together, where you take turns coming up with sentences.” You can keep the questions relatively tame at the beginning, especially if your partner’s quite shy. This game is also a great way to get to know your partner and their sexual likes and dislikes!

Electronic mobile communication, such as instant messaging and text messaging, has altered the social environment of today's youth. We aimed to determine whether sexual activity including a continuum of low-risk to high-risk behaviors, intentions to have sex, perceived approval of sexual activity, and affect regulation.… continue reading »

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Feb 2, 2009. Shortcut list of the common acronyms and abbreviations used in chat rooms SMS messages on cell phones and instant messengers such as Yahoo and MSN.… continue reading »

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Feb 26, 2016. Line A multifaceted text, video, and voice-messaging app that also integrates social media elements such as games and group chats. Why it's popular Teens are drawn to Line not only because it's a bit of an all-in-one mobile hub but also because it offers a lot of of teen-friendly elements, such as a.… continue reading »

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