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People with Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the lung usually have smoked for 30 years, worked in a factory or been exposed to certain chemicals.

However, I was a 30-year-old non-smoking female, who ate well and exercised.

I felt so tired and achy all of the time, so I stopped exercising because I didn’t have the energy. In August 2007, I kept having pains in my chest, but when I went to the doctor, he said maybe I hurt myself at the gym, bruised some cartilage or it might be a strain.

He gave me pain pills and told me it might take some time. The doctors were focusing on my bones, though, not my lungs.

The x-ray showed my entire chest wall was clouded white, similar to when I had pneumonia as a kid, except this was a solid, bright white.

This was Friday night and I didn’t know where to go. They did a white blood cell test and said it couldn’t be pneumonia, so I was sent to the emergency room.

Scared, I desperately called an Asian medicine acupuncturist and chiropractor to ask if he could see me right away and tell what was wrong with me.

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We hope her story will continue to serve as inspiration for others on the importance of early detection for lung cancer. Then his fully white left lung chest x-ray showed up Sept 1, 2009– his x-ray had been completely clear August 4.

He was in physiotherapy to learn to walk again, but never got the chance.

He made it through 2 rounds of chemo, which were showing promise towards remission.

If I had caught it earlier, surgery might have been an option with a 100% cure.

Now I will never be officially “cured,” but I am the closest thing to being in remission as possible.

I worry about the amounts of radiation, but it’s worth it.

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