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The company looked closer at new franchisees' qualifications.

Existing franchisees were encouraged to add more locations while more corporate locations were planned.

After using different name variations, bw-3 and Buffalo Wild Wings, in different markets in its first national ad campaign market; the decide to standardize the name through out the system with the latter name.

The company moved to increase home sales of their sauces by upgrading the packaging.

None had any restaurant experience and thus ran all aspects of the business, including its finances, haphazardly.

The restaurant expanded into a chain over the next decade as it added six additional locations in Ohio, Indiana, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

and thus the numeronym BW3) is an American casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and India which specializes in Buffalo wings and sauces.

An initial public stock offering was considered in 1998, but discarded given unfavorable market conditions.

Failing to find any restaurant serving them, they decided to open their own restaurant serving wings.

For the first location, they selected a location near the Ohio State University, Columbus.

Three venture capital firms and other purchased a majority stake, .5 million in shares, available in a December 1999 private placement.

The funding was planned to fund expansion with expectation to have 260 sites by late 2003.The company tested new several sauces in 2000 but only added two to the menu with its first dessert.In 2000, the chain, now calling its locations, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, was in 19 states and 140 locations (at year end) with one finally it the city of its signature menu item, Buffalo, New York.Expecting more growth in 1995, BW3 designed a new prototype free-standing outlet with clear separation between the bar and dining areas and seating 190 in a 5,000- to 7,500-square-foot space.