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16-Jun-2017 05:25

The photo, shown publicly for the first time by 48 Hours, was discovered by the FBI in the camera of one of Natalee's classmates.

For Dompig, the picture is a constant reminder of his toughest case.

"Somewhere on the sand dunes that go all the way up behind the lighthouse …

where we basically have to search," explains Dompig as he shows Roberts the general search area.

But the authorities tell 48 Hours they have evidence that Natalee's drinking got seriously out of control and may even have contributed to her death.

"She was, I think not differently from other students.

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We would literally stay in the water all day long because it was so perfect," says Fierman.

Ever since American teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared on the island of Aruba during a high school post-graduation trip last year, police say they have done everything in their power to crack the case.