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18-Mar-2017 04:53

I had been going around with Stevie and I had seen Karlie a couple times on set. I think it’s just the natural evolution of somebody. I want to be a real role model to them and show them better. A lot of the drama we see between you and Karlie is about her career and how that’s taken over your relationship. Do you ever get nervous that she’s using you to further her career? If I’m into you and I really like you, there’s nothing that I won’t do for you.

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He gets dap from fans of the show – men, women, old and young – and those who saluted him the day we hung out with him all expressed an appreciation at the balance he brings to the show. I know nobody likes to think or talk about it, but that’s why I think what Stevie’s done is so groundbreaking, because it really provokes thought and conversation on a subject that everybody looks at as taboo. I mean, I’ve pretty much gotten close with the whole cast now and they’re all really, really great people. Instead of a cast member that you might’ve already known or heard recordings, it’s like you now are a part of this person from the beginning. I was angry and I didn’t know how to express my anger other than lashing out. It gets frustrating because it starts to get redundant. They want to see their dad happy and if I’m happy with someone then they’re happy. In the conversation, show interest in what they are about and what their children are about. If you go out and spend the time to get the gifts that aren’t normal types of gifts.Were those tears of frustration then or were you genuinely sad? I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve made changes for the better. I’m at that point in my life where I really do want a monogamous relationship. Watching the show is kind of surreal, watching yourself and with all the cameras in your private life, but it’s a great opportunity. Women love fashion, so if you have a fashion sense yourself, and not just about men’s clothes, but also women’s clothes and the new stuff going out there. Karlie was into acting and I bought her a book about filmmaking.[] Mimi has great things for Stevie and Joseline has great things. It’s not easy being a producer in this industry and whether it’s this industry or if you’re an athlete, it’s hard because there’s women all around at the time. You can probably expect an album coming out the first of next year.

Name Benzino, is an American hip hop media executive and record producer. He was known for appearing on VH1 reality TV series Love & Hip Hop. Karlie Redd and.… continue reading »

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