Audrey kitching and ronnie radke dating

21-Oct-2017 09:01

Apart from music and writing songs, he also seems to be passionate about tattoos.

Ronald Joseph "Ronnie" Radke is a musician, songwriter and producer.

Ronnie has always been a person of controversial character.

Sometimes he is in prison for murder case and sometimes for violation against girlfriend and sometimes accused for taking part in gang rape.

Crissy didn't want to maintain a relationship with a guy who can't show respect for females, and thus they had a volatile relationship which ultimately became the reason for their split.

Caption: Ronnie Radke and Crissy Henderson poses with their newly born baby in 2013.

The artist’s life has always been a subject of controversy as his past life almost revolved around drugs and girlfriends. Still, we can say his past is causing a serious problem in his present life.Sally looked messed up in the post with her wounded face.Caption: Sally Watts wounded face caused by Ronnie Radke's physical assault. This was taken in fear but is now shared to offer hope. There's always a way out.' The overall purpose was to alert the close friends of Ronnie as she opened up with Mail Online claiming him to be the cause of her situation.Ronnie is an artist who is fond of tattoos, so loving that he has tattooed all over his body.

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His recent post on Instagram apparently shows his tattooed body.It also proved to be a year relation as it ended in 2016.Caroline kept flaunting images of Ronnie regularly on Instagram, and she seemed to be totally in love with him then.Yes, one of his ex-girlfriends has aired something unusual about him as an alert message.