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"The stump mics really for us players on the field are irrelevant, it's about us as a team getting the ball in the right areas and we don't really worry about that, it was a bit of a joke to give the sponsors a bit of a plug."AB de Villiers said that while plenty of words had been exchanged on the field, it was not at the same level of aggression he had witnessed in the corresponding series here in 2014. "They were very friendly compared to last time."It's the usual stuff. And from the other side, we also get stuck in and try and unsettle the batters.

we expect some verbal stuff out there when you're playing cricket in general. It's part of the game."Last year, Kagiso Rabada was banned by the ICC for abusive language after stump microphones caught him giving a send-off during a Test match against England.

In 2013, then Australian captain Michael Clarke was given a heavy fine after stump mics caught him telling the England tailender James Anderson to "get ready for a broken f****** arm" when about to face Mitchell Johnson in an Ashes match at the Gabba.

Last year, after a portion of stump microphone audio in which Steven Smith and Matthew Wade were heard exchanging words with India's Ravindra Jadeja was released on the BCCI's website, Smith stated his annoyance at the practice of keeping the microphone faders up at high volume."It annoyed me that they had to sieve back through the archives and find those moments, particularly painting a bad light on our team when both teams were guilty of doing the same things.

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"Come on Bing - one for the boys at Travelex now," Gilchrist had said. "I thought it might have something to do with the fact that we had a very, very good stump mic.

We turned that stump mic up and we could hear every word out in the centre and it was unbelievable. The Aussies love it."It has long been a custom of South African broadcasters to keep stump mics turned up for large parts of a day's play, not simply when the ball is live.

Plenty of on-field dialogue was discernible during the recent matches between South Africa and India, far more than is generally the case in other parts of the world.

In pre-series meetings, the Australian team commonly reminds the host board and broadcaster that ICC guidelines require the stump microphone faders to be turned down when the ball is not in play.Resources Home Home New Articles Most Popular Recent Changes Current Projects Admin Discussions Guidelines How to Index Of All Titles BEST OF Aes Grave Aes Rude The Age of Gallienus Alexander Tetradrachms Ancient Coin Collecting 101 Ancient Coin Prices 101 Ancient Coin Dates Ancient Coin Lesson Plans Ancient Coins & Modern Fakes Ancient Counterfeits Ancient Glass Ancient Oil Lamps Ancient Weapons Ancient Wages and Prices Ancient Weights and Scales Anonymous Folles Anonymous Follis Anonymous Class A Folles Antioch Officinae Aphlaston Armenian Numismatics Page Brockage Byzantine Byzantine Denominations A Cabinet of Greek Coins Caesarean and Actian Eras Campgates of Constantine Carausius A Case of Counterfeits Byzantine Christian Themes Clashed Dies Coins of Pontius Pilate Conditions of Manufacture Corinth Coins and Cults Countermarked in Late Antiquity Danubian Celts Damnatio Coinage Damnatio Memoriae Denomination Denarii of Otho Diameter 101 Die Alignment 101 Dictionary of Roman Coins Doug Smith's Ancient Coins Edict on Prices ERIC ERIC - Rarity Tables Etruscan Alphabet The Evolving Ancient Coin Market Facing Portrait of Augustus Fel Temp Reparatio Fertility Pregnancy and Childbirth Fibula Flavian Fourree Friend or Foe The Gallic Empire Gallienus Zoo Greek Alphabet Greek Dates Greek Coin Denominations Greek Mythology Link Greek Numismatic Dictionary Hellenistic Names & their Meanings Hasmoneans Hasmonean Dynasty Helvetica's ID Help Page Historia Numorum Horse Harnesses Identifying Ancient Metal Arrowheads Illustrated Ancient Coin Glossary Islamic Rulers and Dynasties Koson Kushan Coins People in the Bible Who Issued Coins Imperial Mints of Philip the Arab Later Roman Coinage Latin Plurals Latin Pronunciation Library of Ancient Coinage Life in Ancient Rome List of Kings of Judea Malloy Weapons Maps of the Ancient World Military Belts Mint Marks Monogram Museum Collections Available Online Nabataean Alphabet Nabataean Numerals Not in RIC Numismatic Bulgarian Numismatic Excellence Award Numismatic French Numismatic German Numismatic Italian Numismatic Spanish Parthian Coins Patina 101 Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet Phoenician Alphabet Pi-Style Athens Tetradrachms Pricing and Grading Roman Coins Reading Judean Coins Representations of Alexander the Great Roman Coin Attribution 101 Roman Militaria Roman Mints Roman Names Rome and China Scarabs Serdi Celts Serrated Siglos The Sign that Changed the World Silver Content of Parthian Drachms Star of Bethlehem Coins Statuary Coins Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Syracusian Folles Taras Drachms with Owl Left The Temple Tax Hoard Travels of Paul Tribute Penny Tribute Penny Debate Continued (2015) Tribute Penny Debate Revisited (2006) Tyrian Shekels Uncleaned Ancient Coins 101 Vabalathus Venus Cloacina What I Like About Ancient Coins Who was Trajan Decius Widow's Mite Please help us convert the Dictionary of Roman Coins from scans to text by typing the original text here. Please add updates or make corrections to the Numis Wiki text version as appropriate. Here's a quick reference guide on how to make calls using your One Sim Card International Cell Phone when making calls both within your country of stay and internationally.

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Mar 2, 2018. At the start of the Proteas' first innings, members of the Australian team were heard loudly talking up the virtues of competing sponsors Qantas and XXXX, with one player even asking the umpires "how good is Qantas?" as Mitchell Starc got ready to deliver the first ball. The two Australian sponsors are in.… continue reading »

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